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My name is Paul Reinig and there was a time in my life when I was so alienated from myself that I didn’t have a clue who I was. I was raised a Catholic and had a severe habit of judging myself and consequently, not allowing myself to be expressed much at all. In 1975, three years after graduating from a Catholic high school, I was so lacking in self-worth that I chose to dedicate my life to a religious cult whose core teachings were that God expected me to deny all my desires in order to save the world (Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church). 

This lifestyle only intensified my self-loathing. In May, 1979 I allowed Moon to match me to a woman who I’d never met and on July 1, 1982 we participated in a mass wedding of 2075 couples in Madison Square Garden in New York City. When we began living together it was as if Pandora’s box had been opened. I experienced emotions I never knew I had and was forced into counseling in order to save the marriage. While counseling did help to begin understanding myself and bringing the two of us somewhat closer emotionally, eventually (in 1998) we both chose to not only abandon Moon’s lifestyle but to divorce each other as well. It was all for the best because this allowed us to both go our own separate ways in search of greater understanding as to who we really were (the whole story can be read in my fascinating memoir, A Grand and Glorious Adventure).

After my divorce I participated in a variety of healing modalities, attended many seminars and read tons of spiritually oriented books. In the process I realized that we are all so much more than we ever thought we were. Today I know clearly that mastering true love means to develop a relationship with our divine Self by becoming aware of and accepting every single aspect of ourselves without exception.

I developed tools which helped me tremendously in understanding how to love myself while in the midst of experiencing aspects of me that were causing such emotions as panic, terror, doubt, depression, fear, hurt, spite, shame and guilt (to name a few). Today I am a completely different person as a result. 

After having experienced such a remarkable releasing of so many intense emotional aspects, I have a desire to help others find the same inner freedom I now enjoy. I offer private sessions where I share with my clients the tools that helped me. When implemented, these tools not only help create a safe space within you, they allow your aspects to come into integration or balance, which means you become more authentic. Once you’ve developed this safe space, no one can ever take it away from you—ever! It’s a matter of understanding how to truly begin loving and accepting yourself just the way you are. (for more information see private sessions).

I also have books and audio recordings available that are filled with amazing insights that will absolutely help you in understanding who you really are and how you too can begin accepting everything about yourself (see products). In addition, I hold dance seminars designed to inspire the mind and invigorate your soul, I have a blog, a video library,  am available as a speaker, and have a music cd in the works. All these are available on this web site!  

I can show you from personal experience how you can embrace any uncomfortable (or unwanted) experiences through identifying with who you really are, which is going to open the door to creating a safe space inside yourself where you can go any time the outside world gets to be too much. Read more

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The True Love Handbook

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