"How To Accept Yourself And Bring Home Your Aspects"

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Is the uncertainty of the future causing you unwanted worry and stress? Do you have difficulty with your boss, co-workers, or in relationships in general? Do you find a lot of unwanted drama showing up in your life? Do you struggle with a lack of self-esteem or depression sometimes? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, this audio recording can absolutely help you resolve the situation. Each one of us has hundreds, if not thousands of emotional “aspects.” At times when life was too much to deal with, we pushed away our unwanted emotions, creating these aspects in the process. They are now hanging around inside us, and at any given time any one or more of them can pop up and wreak havoc on our emotions, generally triggered by others or external circumstances. When this happens, usually we tend to battle them, blocking creativity. The good news is, there absolutely is a way to heal these aspects. In this audio recording, Paul reveals in great detail and from personal experience, the process that will allow you to bring home your aspects. Doing so ends the battle, which unlocks energy to be used to create the life that you really want.

Between the 2 CD’s there is a total of over 1 hour and 45 minutes of audio!

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Accept Yourself


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What Others Are Saying About This Recording

"I just finished listening to your audio recording and it really confirmed a lot of what I believe and have been working with. It also gave me a lot more clarity with your specific examples. I really got a lot from it. It was interesting that you had the meditation at the end of the recording where you have the listener feel what it's like to be in their body. This is one of my major challenges right now - aspects running amok! I am going through a lot of body/health/physical pain issues right now, so that meditation was really tough for me physically and emotionally. My aspects were all very present. I feel very grateful to have found your blog. I look forward to receiving more insights from your experience. I can so relate to everything you shared."

Love always,
Francesca Signorelli

"Dear Paul, Thanks so much for the download on accepting yourself. I have been listening and enjoying the energy of what you are saying..."

Hannibal Means
Musician, singer, vocal coach, and America's Got Talent Finalist

"Your CD’s are very clear with lots and lots of information. I will be listening to them many more times to absorb all the knowledge packed in them. You are very honest and full of compassion, for self and others. I can feel your love. Thank you for listening to me."

Love and blessings,
Corinne Naef - Ott

Paul, I’ve just listened to the first (Accept Yourself) CD and you have already answered so many questions I had just been asking myself about the creation of aspects. Future awakening humans will so benefit from your work, as I am.

Thank you,
Nina Spitzer