"Apostle Paul: The Untold Story"

Historically, humanity has held two illusions that have had dire consequences on our ability to love unconditionally: 1) That we are separate from God; and 2) That we are flawed at birth. Combined, these two illusions have caused humanity to feel unworthy at their core since the very beginning. Apostle Paul: The Untold Story explains that these illusions and the unworthiness they cause were the compelling force behind the creation of the Apostle’s belief that Jesus was his savior. In addition, it reveals a new revelation, that when he was knocked off his horse on the way to Damascus, Jesus revealed to the Apostle that he, like Jesus, was God also and that in fact all humans are divine beings having a human experience. However, this was too much to fathom given the amount of guilt and shame he harbored and thus, he simply could not accept it, and instead chose to formulate his saved by the blood theology and was then compelled to spread this idea in a rather pedantic way. Taking an in-depth look into the Apostle’s mindset, Apostle Paul: The Untold Story clarifies why Paul held such guilt and shame and exposes that what we see in his written word is a desperate desire for healing and a belief in the need to suffer to earn God’s approval. Later, when the Church spread their faith, it was their strong identification with these deep-seated beliefs of Paul that caused them to become the underlying beliefs within the consciousness of Western Civilization so that today nearly all humans feel unworthy at their core, harbor an addiction to suffering, and constantly need to look outside themselves for acceptance and approval. Apostle Paul also explains how Paul came to understand that he brought the energy of the Apostle in when he was born in order to teach what he was afraid to learn at that time. It describes amazing similarities between the Apostle’s life and Paul’s, discusses how Paul is learning to resolve the emotional and psychological aspects he’s carried with him since that lifetime, and tells the truth about what really made the Apostle spread his brand of Christianity to the Gentiles. This groundbreaking book reveals unknown secrets that have never before been released by anyone. These secrets have the potential to both revolutionize your understanding of the man who brought Christianity to the world, as well as assist in your spiritual growth through understanding who you really are.

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What Readers Are Saying About “Apostle Paul: The Untold Story”

"Thank you for this wonderful book! It has been an amazing journey to read it! And thank you for your honesty! I recognize myself in what you shared very much. And Apostle Paul has always fascinated me. Your book is very interesting with new perspectives on him."

Magne Kristiansen

"I just finished reading your book and wanted you to know that you are doing what you have chosen to do and are a wonderful and brave soul."

Best regards,
Jean Luo
Issaquah, WA

"Hi there, I have been working my way through your book and the insights have been marvelous... Just thought I'd say thank you for some really concise insights on aspects and how they are created and especially integration! Terrific!"

Jeane Pothier
Boise, Idaho