Dear Friend, We are living in intense, challenging times. The intensity is directly related to the unprecedented amount of energy available to all of us at this time. Deep inside, we’ve been asking for a long time for answers to how to improve this planet and especially how to at long last create peace, particularly within ourselves. These intense energies have arrived in response to this asking. The question is what are you going to do with these energies? We are divine beings having a human experience. This means we are the ones who will determine how we want these energies to serve us. My question to you is are you choosing life? Are you choosing to live as opposed to just surviving? There is a big difference. When you truly choose to live, this means you are committed to staying present with whatever experiences happen to show up in your life.

The energy of 2016 is all about the divine melding with the human and in order for this to happen, everything that exists in our lives that has been keeping the divine at an arms length has to be released. For this reason, the divine part of you, your soul, is always orchestrating circumstances and situations that are perfectly designed for you because it knows what kind of emotional aspects you created earlier in your life or in previous lifetimes that still need resolving. Because you created these aspects, you alone are responsible for resolving them. The energy today is simply working for you, giving you an opportunity to do just that, if you choose, by triggering them.

Choosing life means to be willing to not only accept these experiences but to actually revel in them. This is only possible when you know who you really are. The clearer you become to not just intellectually understanding but literally knowing you are divine, the more you’re able to handle all experience with grace, ease, and joy, regardless of the type of experience. The fact is that our minds are constantly dwelling on either future potentials or past experiences and meanwhile, we are not living in the now moment. This means we are not present or at home with what is currently happening within us right now. Choosing to avoid feeling (which means experience) is saying to life that we don’t really want to fully participate in it.

However, your soul loves you so much that it wants to experience life with you right here, right now regardless of your external situation, and it doesn’t care if you’re not perfect either. Anyone in love with someone will overlook any perceived faults because they never want to be apart from their lover. In fact, such so-called “faults” are endearing when seen through the eyes of love. This is precisely the way your soul feels about you. It doesn’t really care about anything else. It just wants to share life with you – to share its love of life and joy with you. This means that when the soul comes to visit, it wants you to be home to greet it so that together you can enjoy the amazing adventure this planet offers. However, it’s not possible to be home when we are off somewhere in our minds concerned about the future or worrying about the past.

Choosing life means to be present within our body in every now moment. There was a time when I was completely alienated from myself so I have great compassion for anyone who is willing to make the choice to be present and therefore at home with life because I know how challenging it can be. For this reason, I offer private sessions that are designed to show you how to become grounded in your body so you can be at home with your soul and thus, stand in your own divine presence during all experiences without being knocked out so easily, especially by the more challenging experiences we are all having at this time. Nearly all of us have an enormous amount of belief systems combined with emotional aspects that block us from allowing such a connection with our soul on a regular basis.

If you’re not clear about what it is that continues to block you and keep you stuck, a session with me could be very beneficial because I can help you pinpoint some of your blocks and will suggest what you can do to release them. Or, if you’d simply like some support in dealing with blocks you’re already aware of, a session with me can be very empowering because I focus entirely on helping you take responsibility for your own creations (including how to own your creations rather than play the game of being a victim). Making the choice to have a private session with someone I trusted made all the difference in the world for me because they gave me a different perspective, one that I wasn’t able to see on my own. The same thing can happen for you. 

When you have a private session with me I provide a safe energy space that allows you to be open to receive based on your intention for the session. This allows the energies to come in and serve you in a beneficial way. Insights can come through me from a different perspective than perhaps you’d been able to see before and this can be quite refreshing. Understanding can change everything. Why not make a commitment to yourself to find or deepen your connection with your soul? You deserve only the greatest amount of joy and since the soul’s natural state of being is joy, the more you know how to allow yourself to meld with your soul gracefully and with ease, the more joy will become a consistent part of your life.

In a private session with me you are free to ask any questions you want. No topic is off limits. You will have an opportunity to discuss any challenges that may be keeping you from feeling more love for yourself and life, and at the end you will feel energized and inspired. And, everything you share is always completely confidential. Consider a private session as an investment in yourself. Can you trust yourself that if you choose to invest in yourself that you’ll receive a return on your investment?


Click on this link NOW to schedule a “FALL IN LOVE WITH LIFE” private session with me:

I will email you upon receipt of payment to discuss the best time to have your introductory “FALL IN LOVE WITH LIFE” private session with me. NOTE: These sessions are recorded and sent to you by email within 48 hours of a session.

All sessions are done using Skype. Once you have paid, please let me know your Skype id: contact. If you don’t have Skype, it’s easy to sign up and download it and it’s free:

*Paul’s private sessions are not intended to be a replacement for any licensed counseling and/or therapy. He provides suggestions based on his own life’s experience and is not responsible for any interpretation of those suggestions, and resulting actions, taken by anyone who has a private session with him.

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"I've definitely integrated more since our conversation. More aspects have come home. I am more in a state of allowing and with this a sense of being more at Home. I am having some really beautiful moments of joy, expansion and freedom. Synchronicities are happening that are assisting me in many ways and I so appreciate that!...Thank you so much for all you shared with me, it has helped tremendously."

Austin, TX

"Thank you for being there when I needed it the most; I will never forget your help and presence."


“Paul Reinig, you are an amazing man, I love your e-books and your recordings. You are an inspiration.”

Sarah Chambers
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

"I am extremely grateful for Paul's brilliant way of assessing why we would ever choose trials and tribulations, and how we can release ourselves from self-inflicted pain."

Linda Blume
Palm Harbor, Florida, U.S.A.

"Dear Paul, thank you so much for the work that you are doing. You are a blessing."

Hannibal Means
Musician, singer, vocal coach, and 2010 America's Got Talent Finalist

"Paul taught me that running away from bad feelings and past hurts only causes them to revisit us. I learned that by accepting these feelings in a compassionate and loving way, peace, harmony, love and happiness will be ours."

Cari Navarro
Largo, Florida

"Paul, I find your way of presenting and sharing very real. Down to earth, really experienced and shared with a passion to really help people in a fun and compassionate way. Great to have come to know you and your creations. You touched my life in a joyful way. Thank you."

Lars Anton Lautenslager

“Paul…You are soooo good with your words and you inspire every person who reads them. Just from your words, growth occurs in the reader!! Cool!!!”

LeRoy Inhofe
HomeMart Magazine owner
Lincoln, NE

“Paul, you are refreshingly honest! Thank you!”

Judith Muller
Kuilsrivier, Western Cape, South Africa

"Dear Paul, your ideas and thoughts are awesome! You are one of the most enlightened teachers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Your ideas in this video are truly inspiring. I took notes on this presentation, and I know I will be spending many hours happily contemplating your inspiring ideas. Thanks for the insights."

Jeff Schultz
Lincoln, NE