"Developing A Relationship With Yourself 2 CD-Set"

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The most important and profound relationship you can possibly ever have is your relationship with yourself, where honor, acceptance, respect, love and compassion govern this relationship. New Energy consciousness means choosing to be completely authentic and real. For most of Paul’s life, he was not authentic because he hated himself but didn’t know it. Upon realizing this, he made a commitment to learn to love himself no matter what. He discovered that the aspects of himself he was constantly battling and pushing away only wanted to be loved. By accepting and honoring them they were able to come to a natural resolution. Part of this process involved shifting his focus from his mind, which he had been allowing to control him, to his heart, where he realized he was not separate from Source. This shift allowed him to begin loving himself and others coming from a place of compassion.

In this 2 CD set, Paul shares honestly and sincerely from personal experience, insights into what it means to develop a genuine relationship with yourself, which means your soul. If remembering who you are and cultivating a deep bond with your soul is what you are seeking, this CD will provide you with priceless tools to achieve this.

Paul, I have listened to many, many self-help CD’s and read many books – on these CD’s you have done an amazing job of very clearly and completely explaining this journey to going back to Source and finding self, creating the true unconditional love and compassion for self that we have lost in our struggles through life. I completely agree with all you put forth here. I have already given my copy to someone, and want to order a bunch more to pass out. You are an amazing man Paul, and I really appreciate what you have created and are still creating.”

Pam Putnam
Theraputic Bodyworker
Lutz, FL

NOTE: Even though this CD set has the same cover photo as Paul’s memoir, A Grand And Glorious Adventure, it is not an audio recording of the book. The contents are completely different.

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Developing A Relationship

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