"A Grand And Glorious Adventure: The Saboteur Years"

Paul wrote this book at a particular point in his journey in which he was soul searching to understand who he was. He had spent all his life doing exactly what he was told and was healing from a divorce. Writing was extremely theraputic. His story could be the catalyst that sets you on the path towards your own healing.
From the back cover: 

Inside these pages is the profound journey into the heart and soul of a man who spent his entire life looking for love and self-worth outside himself. With tremendous honesty and sincerity, Paul explains how as a spiteful angry young man he locked himself into an emotional cocoon where he operated out of his head rather than to give love or be loved. Within his lonely and fearful world Paul became so desperate to please God that after graduating from high school he allowed himself to be swallowed up by Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. He speaks candidly about his 22 years as a Moonie including being one of Moon’s chosen leaders, about his struggles with his sexuality, and about the tremendous challenge of developing a relationship with his Moon-chosen spouse. After divorcing both Moon and his spouse, Paul’s adventure turned inward where he learned through meditation and journaling that God was within him, not outside him. He slowly realized that all his life he’d been trying to manipulate the world outside himself in an attempt to repair his broken heart by wanting everyone to join him in his healing. Such massive expectations eventually caused tremendous heartbreak. He had to learn to accept all the things about himself he once hated and finally discovered deeper meaning to his life only when he began surrendering to the absolute wonder of God, the mystery of life itself. This is a fascinating story for anyone who is even mildly curious about living a spiritual path. 

“A truly compelling account of Paul’s life, told with remarkable awareness and understanding.” Devra Ann Jacobs Editor, Kinetics Magazine (online)

Information about the book:

Paperback: 264 pages 58 Chapters Publisher: PageFree Publishing, Inc. (June 5, 2007) ISBN-10: 1589615298 ISBH-13: 978-1589615298 Product Dimensions: 9” x 5.9” x 0.7”

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