"The True Love Handbook: How To End Suffering, Become Your Own Best Friend, and Begin Living Your Dreams"

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In this often challenging and chaotic world where sometimes what you thought was true love can suddenly become pain and heartbreak, The True Love Handbook offers a safe space where you can go to for wisdom, inspiration and comfort. Discovered during Paul’s own process of learning how to step beyond his struggles with failed relationships, self-loathing, lack of self-confidence, a belief in being unworthy, and a tendency to sabotage all attempts to allow his own light to shine, this handbook provides a surplus of everything you’ll ever need to know about mastering the art of true love.

Paul takes you on a journey through humanity’s historic evolution of consciousness. You will meet him in person along the way and will learn tools he discovered that allowed him to resolve an intense array of emotions that were wreaking havoc in his life. His brilliant insights will teach you how to feel safe and secure, how to trust yourself without fear, how to know that life will always take care of you, and how to know true joy. Best of all, you will learn how to become your own best friend, so that honor, acceptance, respect, love and compassion will govern the relationship you have with yourself.

This book is a paperback edition, 300 pages, published April 2012 by Mastering True Love Publishing

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What Others Are Saying About This Book

"Hi Paul, I purchased your most recent book back in September. I love it, it's very "real". My awakening began many years ago. Your book is reassurance I'm not alone! The channeled piece from Jean Tinder by your angelic team lifts my spirits and makes my heart weep a bit every time I read it. You're awesome!"

Portland, Oregon

"Your book is changing my life ever since I met you! Wonderful work! So exciting and life changing. I am buying copies for all of my friends and wrote this review on Amazon:

"This book really gives a great explanation of how we have come to believe in the false self. I have never understood the concepts of 'wholeness' and unconditional love so deeply. If you're interested in exploring how you came to be who you are, read this. If you're willing to grow, then absolutely follow Paul's work."


“This book is a real jewel. The information shared through Paul is truly coming from a clear and loving place. No matter what you are experiencing in your life it will help you in being more your real true Self. Personally, it has helped me so much and I really appreciate Paul’s courage and ability to put all his experience and love together in one place.”

Austin, Texis

“Paul, I’m translating this book as well as Apostle Paul: The Untold Story (into Italian) and I simply LOVE them!”

Gioia Villa Shaumbra
Milan, Italy